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Laboratory for Computational Transport Phenomena

Dr. Peyman Givi

Distinguished Professor

Director, Laboratory for Computational Transport Phenomena


James T. MacLeod Professor

Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering
Co-director, Ph.D. Program in Computational Modeling & Simulation
1132 Benedum Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Tel: (412) 624-9605
Fax: (412) 624-4846

Dr. Peyman Givi is Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the James T. MacLeod Professor in Swanson Shcool of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Previously he held the rank of University Distinguished Professor in Aerospace Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he received the Professor of the Year Award by Tau Beta Pi (2002). He also worked as a Research Scientist at the Flow Industries, Inc. in Seattle. Dr. Givi has had frequent visiting appointments at the NASA Langley & Glenn (Lewis) centers, and received the NASA's Public Service Medal (2005). He is amongst the first 15 engineering faculty nationwide who received the White House Presidential Faculty Fellowship from President George Bush. He also received the Young Investigator Award of the Office of Naval Research, and the Presidential Young Investigator Award of the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Givi is the Deputy Editor of AIAA Journal, member of the editorial boards of Computers & Fluids, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics; the Open Aerospace Engineering Journal, an Associate Editor of Journal of Combustion; and a past advisory board member of Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. He received his Ph.D. from the Carnegie Mellon University (PA), and BE (Summa Cum Laude) from the Youngstown State University (OH), where he was named the 2004 Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Alumnus, and the 2012 STEM College Outstanding Alumnus. Dr. Givi has achieved Fellow status in AAAS, AIAA, APS, and ASME; and was designated as ASME's Engineer of the Year 2007 in Pittsburgh.


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Research Interests

Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Systems and Control, Machine Design, Vibration and Shock, Numerical Methods, Applied Mathematics, Random Data Analysis, Stochastic Processes.

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Personal Interests

Music (classical & flamenco guitar), cosmology, and sports (football, soccer, tennis, running).

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Educational Concerns

Providing opportunities for graduate studies to students with less than "outstanding undergraduate records". Based on my experience in dealing with a large number of graduate students, I have learned that different students "blossom" at different rates and at different times. I have been very pleasantly surprised by students with "mediocre" undergraduate records but with outstanding achievements in graduate school and research. I have also learned that many university administrators do not appreciate the fact that students with less than a perfect GPA can become magnificent researchers.

Current and Former Students

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NASA Workshop on Quantum Computing will be held in Suffolk, VA

CITech-2015 was held in Almaty

DFD 2013 Meeting of APS was held in Pittsburgh


Peyman Givi


Peyman Givi

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